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May 7, 2008
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Arcadium School Characters by RoyLover Arcadium School Characters by RoyLover
Name: Ciesly Tohktz
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Build: thin
Species: half dryad, half human
Primary Power: Extensive plant growth and movement control
Secondary Power(s): slow healing ability, very weak telekinesis
Dorm: Terrestrial Terrace
History/Description: Ciesly contains a high charisma and confidence in himself. He is also very well mannered, tidy, and quite the gentleman. However, he often flaunt his intelligence and "beauty" whenever he gets the chance. At first glance, Ciesly may seem highly egotistic, but once given a closer look, he is but a man with a very low self-esteem. However his impression, Ciesly always turns out to be quite an unlikable guy because of his crazy ego, but his strong motivation of pursuing his passion and dreams is awe-inspiring to anyone who gives a closer look.

A bastard child, Ciesly was immediately abandoned by his dryad mother after birth and left to be eaten or starve to death. However, by the whims of nature, he was saved by the large and old weeping willow which he was left underneath. By some miracle of mother nature, the weeping willow took him into its trunk and nurtured him until he was age in which he was old enough to walk and wonder about on his own.

Once out of the trunk, Ciesly curiously began to wonder to places not far from his mother willow. Each night, he would return to the willow and sleep. And each day, he would venture out even farther than he had the day before.

When he had reached the young age of seven, the willow had lost its colors and leaves, leaving it naked and oozing out blood-tinted syrup. Ciesly noticed that it was not just the willow that was loosing its life but many other trees and plants as well. The forest in which was his home...was dying of a rare spreading plantation disease. However long it was, Ciesly stayed until the entire forest was literally shades of gray. It was then that he finally left his only home and forced to venture and survive on his own. Never in his entire life had he felt so alone and often cried himself to sleep at night.

At the age of twelve, Ciesly discovered Arcadium School's existence and applied for it right away. It was then that his life began anew, realizing dreams existed and that a whole new world awaited him. With this chance of a second life, Ciesly never took his education for granted and worked hard at everything he set his mind to.

Growing into a wise and quiet 16 years old teen, he decided to take a different route to a small town he often frequented. Because he did, he discovered Bremming unconscious on the ground, bleeding to the brink of death. Without a second thought, Ciesly carried the small, skinny boy back to his home and cared for him. It was then he discovered the importance of love and grown affectionate to young Bremming, regardless of his ill temper and manner.

Till this day, he continues to nurture Bremming, offering the kind of unconditional love he received from his dead mother willow ages ago.


Name: Bremming Tohktz
Age: 16
Height: 5'9"
Build: rather muscular
Species: pure demon
Primary Power: dark blade arts
Secondary Power(s): dark matter control, flame control
Dorm: House of Bane
History/Description: Bremming is a hot-headed boy who always act upon his emotions and never with his head. He does whatever he feels like doing, and has no manners whatsoever. He also has an alibi for getting out of trouble regardless how relevant he was in the case. He has no respect for anyone but Ciesly whom he desires a lot of attention from. But because Ciesly is a rather busy man, he is often left angry or irritated as he wonders about. Bremming also has a dislike for females because, as his way of putting it, "they seduce men like crazy even when they dun mean to."

An orphan demon born without wings, Bremming was always left behind by his peers. Even though he yearned for the sky and to follow his fellow peers, he was never able to. Because of the fact that he didn't have wings, his peers harrassed him at every moment they were given. Unlike most bullied kids, Bremming fought for himself, regardless of the fact that he stood alone. Thus, his strength sparked the inclining ill-feelings his peers had for him.

When he was 11 years old, he got into a fight with an adult demon male. The adult male was able to grab him by his horns and pick him up. Bremming, in a panic, struggled and pulled himself free from his grasp. However, right after being freed, the adult male was able to yank off both horns entirely. Immense pain shot where his horns used to be and Bremming passed out from blood loss. Yet, miraculously, he was saved by young 16 year old Ciesly whom was idly passing by. Ciesly was the one and only person whom had ever showed him kindness and love. Ever since the incident, Bremming had become obsessively attached to Ciesly and always begged for Ciesly's attention.

Ciesly then, after a few years nursing Bremming back to health, submitted Bremming into Arcadium School where he, himself, attended. Thus, a new life begins for Bremming who was just recently accepted into the school. His worst fear, however, came true. Because he qualified for a different dormitory, he could no longer live with Ciesly. This left Bremming irritated everyday no matter how good things are going for him.


Ciesly and Bremming were created for :iconarcadium-school: club.

Um, I'll submit them later when, uh, I color them better and finalize their information. ^_^;

:iconsmcantrell:! I created a friend just for Narshe! :D
...The very egotistic Ciesly can be his student.

EDIT: And I have revamped the picture! :D And I added information about their height and build. :heart:

Character: Ciesly and Bremming
Character From: they are my own for the club
Done In: Photoshop
Colored By: RoyLover
Drawn With: .5 mech pencil, outlined in rollerball pen
Drawn By: RoyLover
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UnicornDerp Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2008
you have such a lovely style!

Zaaren: *smiles and waves at both of them*
RoyLover Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Oh, thanks. @w@

Bremming: *gives weird look*
Ciesly: Oh, why...hello there. *lifts hand up*
Bremming: Don't talk to the suspicious!
UnicornDerp Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2008
no problem~

Zaaren: *obilvious, his tail twitches happily* Hello! how are you? ^^
RoyLover Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Ciesly: Why, I'm doing quite well. *flicks hair out of face* Thank you for asking. Oh. *chuckles* By the way, you can call me Ciesly. Hm hm~
Bremming: Oh, Christ. Look. I'll make it short, li'l buddy. Do anything funneh with Ciesly and you gonna get screwed.
Ciesly: *wacks Bremming on the head* What kind of warm welcome was that? That was a threat! Try again!
Bremming: Owww...sshhhhhhhhh.... *sigh* name's...Bremming. u___u;
UnicornDerp Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2008
Zaaren: *smiles* nice to meetcha both! I'm Zaaren
RoyLover Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Bremming: *eyes growing huge* He...he....he..............*feels ignored* u___u;
Ciesly: *laughs* Nice to meet you, Zaaren. *shakes hand* And what might you be, if I may ask? You have such a lovely set of features.
Bremming: Oh brother.... u___u;
UnicornDerp Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008
Zaaren: *blushes a little* uhmmm, well, I kinda don't know myself, no one ever told me what I was, and I haven't had any luck by research.....^^ *his green cat-like eyes glance over at Bremming (careful, Zaaren can sense one's emotions very easily)*
RoyLover Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Ciesly: Oh, really? *chuckles and plays with hair* I could...inform you. I read all about all sorts of creatures, types, and races.
Bremming: Reading is his life. Inside and out. He is a walking dictionary and encyclopedia. How handy. *being sarcastic*
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kiwi-fruit144 Featured By Owner May 12, 2008   Digital Artist
8D Wow! The idea of Ciesly being taken care by a willow tree is so interesting! How did you come up with the idea? =D

Anyway, Ciesly and Bremming look cool! I like Ciesly's pose! XD
RoyLover Featured By Owner May 12, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Oh, well, I was thinking that maybe an animal will take care of Ciesly, but that was overdone by many stories. So...I thought, why not a willow tree? They seem so sad yet are so beautiful. And because he had properties of a nymph, he could be nursed by a tree.

I like Ciesly's pose, too. It shows his cockiness and "prettiness." XD
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