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February 5, 2008
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Mary-sue Sad Micaiah by RoyLover Mary-sue Sad Micaiah by RoyLover
Burrrrrrr, did this in 30 minuets on Open Canvas...and after the corruption. =___=;; But, yeah, here's a sad Micaiah. I feel better now, though. XD;

Micaiah isn't a Mary-sue. I hear a lot of people call her that, but, apparently, she doesn't seem to fit the definition of a Mary-sue. Sorry. Apparently, *windfalcon had described how to tell them apart. -> [link]


Micaiah is, well, you can't complain about her looks. Majority of the FE girls are beautiful. I think she is cute, not beautiful, however. She doesn't have a big boob size, either. (LOL)

She is not angst about her past. Actually, I just know she was lonely because she was branded (which is very common for brandeds.) She traveled alone for so long so...errr, who wouldn't be lonely? O__o The only thing that she really worries about is her, um, branded-ness. She doesn't want to be rejected, especially after experiencing the love and warmth of people's affections. I mean, common, if you loved people and people reject you because of who you are, wouldn't you become sad? That's heart-breaking. It's like losing your one place you call home.

Sothe is her man, but, personally, I find him more obsessed with her than her to him. She's not oblivious to his advances, either. She just really...errr, reacts to them kind of blandly. XD; That and I don't like Sothe, anyways. :P (He just lucky I love Tormod. Ha ha...) Sothe ain't all that, anyways. He just got the looks.

Micaiah is also very stupid and whiney; very, very, very whiney when it comes down to her beloved Daein, which gets very annoying to read when playing Radiant Dawn. Even to me. ^_^;; Seriously, Mary-sues are super smart and always know what to do at that exact moment. She's stupid. It takes her a while to finally think of something smart to do. (And I wanted to slap her so bad for not asking WTH was wrong with Pelleas when he told her to invade the Laguz Alliance all of a sudden.)

Micaiah is the, err, Apostle. But, ya know, she's one fragile unit and quite annoying to protect in the beginning chapters. I dunno if that counts as having a ton of different kinds of super powers, blood, and whatnot, but she just got royal blood flowing through her. That, and she is basically a female Rhys unit (LOL) with better caps cause, heck, that's what every main character gets. *looks at Ike* Yes, him, too. And, well, she only got the skill, Sacrifice, because of the blood that runs through her. The skill ain't that helpful to her, either. She has low HP and the skill pretty much kills her. That, and she can read people's thoughts or something...or sense their feelings cause she is the Apostle and have Heron powers, which could've been easily Sanaki's if she was the, err, true Apostle. Poor Sanaki. D: (I also heard Laura kicks her butt at both light magic-using AND healing. >_> )

Her personality is annoying. She gets irritated easily and whines and pouts about it. (Something everyone hates about her, I'm sure. ) But when she's not irritated, she's friendly. And, on a normal day, she's usually calm. When the time is not on a normal day and everyone is killing each other, she goes a little crazy, too. She doesn't think right and starts being stupid. That and she's not exactly very outgoing, but not exactly extremely shy. She's just kinda...meh.

And the animal situation... Volug stays with her because he's told to. Yune is with her because she's the Apostle. I'm sure Yune would've been with Sanaki if Sanaki was the the true Apostle.

All in all, Micaiah isn't a Mary-sue. But, yeah, she's not a very interesting character, either. XD; Micaiah is just a meh-character who basically helps Ike along his journeys. I don't know why Japanese FE10 fans love her so much. Personally, I like their Micaiah-personality-versions better than how she really is in the game. =___=;;

---------END OF RANT---------------

Oh, and one last note. [link] <- References of sues. Basically saying that every original female character to a fandom is a Mary-sue, somehow. I believe *windfalcon's definition better. =___=; Sorry, but sues are more of the, errrr, too-good-to-be-true characters than just every woman character that is being a woman. >_>;;

And that's it. :) I just want to let people know what I think about Mary-sues, basically. I don't hate them, and I don't like people who bash them, either. The Mary-sue creators eventually grow out of that stage anyways so the world still goes round, regardless.

Character: Micaiah
Character From: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Colored In: Open Canvas
Colored By: RoyLover
Drawn With: tablet
Drawn By: RoyLover
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MoonlightXdensetsu Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
I agree! :3 i personally liked micaiah
/flees from any haters
RoyLover Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I don't get all the hate she gets...I guess they did a massive job to get people to dislike her (because in the conversation with her in Awakening, she mentions she was hated by many.)
MoonlightXdensetsu Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
I know right?! And she did make some pretty stupid decisions and could be sometimes very jealous, which is normal for many people. So far I can relate to her childish but good intentioned nature. But hey i haven't finished RD completely yet XD.
BTW since you love roy... who is in your opinion Roy's one true waifu?  And a bonus, what are your top fe4: seisen no keifu OTPs? IMO lilina x Roy is too adorable XD
RoyLover Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I think it was just a bad idea to try and solve majority of the plot holes in the Tellius universe by utilizing Micaiah alone.  I think the players sensed the mess they made of her and, in turn, really relented her.  I don't like it when people claim she is a Mary-Sue, but when someone tells me she was terribly written, I can't really argue against it. (To me, Mary-Sue is a term to define self-inserts that are beyond perfect...not terribly written female characters.)

Oooh, yes, I adore Roy with Lilina. :3 I can't see him with any other girl, to be honest. Haha. :'D
ampharosisawesome Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
Nice picture X3 unfortunately, I'm one of those people who think Micaiah has some sue traits. If you'd like me to explain my reasoning I will.
RoyLover Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! I do believe she has some sue traits (of which why people believe she is a Mary-Sue), but I don't think it is enough to claim she is a Mary-Sue. I personally feel this way because, back when I was younger, I actually had a Mary-Sue character. I'm not too happy that people have twisted the word so far as to include a bunch of other things that the term, Mary-Sue, didn't describe. Basically, it was a word to describe self-insert characters where a person can pair themselves up with a cannon character, and then they try to make themselves out to be this perfect girl whilst being a damsel in distress. Micaiah is more annoying than anything, though, to be honest. Hahaha.
ampharosisawesome Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
heh heh heh very true right there x3 Micaiah is probably one of my least favorite characters in the game. Some Sue-ish traits i've noticed from her: She has a unique physical characteristic (white hair), she is youthful and beautiful, she has psychic powers, she always seems to be in the right about everything and the one time she does something wrong she is almost immediately forgiven for it, she is the love interest of both Sothe and Prince Pelleas for that matter, she has perfect morals and is never swayed by one selfish desire or any other misguidance, any character who questions her or doesnt like her is frowned upon by the other characters, she is the only one who can be used a god vessel, and (this one really takes the cake) she ends up being royalty and didn't even know it. Other then that, she's a very sucky support unit (Laura is waaay better) and can be taken out very easily (this makes the black knight chapter in part 1 an absolute pain because she is so damn fragile) Other then that....she's just not an interesting character. She's not developed very well and doesn't have many flaws, so she just doesn't seem realistic at all. If you are ok with Micaiah or like her, that's A-ok! I just can't stand her at all x3 But those are my reasons at least. How about you?
RoyLover Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Micaiah is definately not near my top favorite characters for the Tellius-realm. She is fun to draw (though I think it's because she is similar to Lilina of whom I also love to draw.)

"She has a unique physical characteristic (white hair), she is youthful and beautiful, she has psychic powers...she is the only one who can be used a god vessel, and (this one really takes the cake) she ends up being royalty and didn't even know it."
-The only reason she is this way is because of the direct line she is in. Every first born daughter of the Empress becomes this way because the goddess blesses them as such (as they are in the line of Seraphim and Altina.) The only reason Sanaki was not given such powers was because she is the second daughter and her frustration for not being the first born child is shown. It is also explained in the game and her ancestors were also silver-haired and full of powers just like hers...and were also god-vessel had the situation called for it. They were also branded and hid it from their people. That, and all branded and laguz people do not age quickly so this point is quite invalid.

"she always seems to be in the right about everything and the one time she does something wrong she is almost immediately forgiven for it"
-She isn't, though. And that is the point. Her fault is that she believes she is right when in fact she is not. She thought evily of Ike and Sothe merely ignored it. She felt stupidfied when actually meeting him as he was never a bad person to begin with. Her friends obviously overlook this fault of her as with any other real friend would do. A good friend does not hold their friend's faults against them. A good friend will support you even when you do wrong. They will voice it, saying like, "Hey you were wrong, but that's OK because now you've learned your lesson." But...they will not act against you.

"she is the love interest of both Sothe and Prince Pelleas for that matter"
She is the love interest of Sothe but not Pellease. If she was, they would share a special ending together, but they don't. Therefore, this is merely fan-speculation and is not cannon.

"she has perfect morals and is never swayed by one selfish desire or any other misguidance"
-She has perfect morals and so do sooooo many other characters in this game that this point is invalid. The same goes with selfish desires. I mean, Elincia was going to let Lucia die for the good of everything. D: Micaiah is not the only righteous character in this game. As for misguidance, I don't think so. She obviously could not win against Ike (she sorely lost, actually), and her terribly chosen actions almost resulted her to lose Sothe all-together. That is when she finally came to realize that the choices she was making were so many wrongs. Even then, she was not easy to trust them.

"any character who questions her or doesnt like her is frowned upon by the other characters"
-What? Like, uhhh, the enemies? They never like anyone for that matter and you have to kill them because they mean harm to Tellilus.

As for my reasons, she is quite whiney and childish for someone who is supposed to be quite old and wise so...I just...eeeeeh. I blame the developers for trying to solve all the plot holes in Path of Radiance with a Dues Ex Machina character AKA a character who solves all the plot holes in Radiant Dawn. :P But, truth be told, if Micaiah is a Mary-Sue then that must mean Ike is a Gary-Stu but no one's yapping about how much of a Gary-Stue Ike is. I mean...he murdered a Goddess. Not even Micaiah did that. :O
ampharosisawesome Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
Sorry if any of this is coming off as an argument, i just like having discussions about stuff like this, so sorry if i offend you in any way :(
RoyLover Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh, I'm not offended at all. It's a debate - - a nice discussion. :) My blood is not boiling and, in fact, I was pretty laid back in typing all of that. Hahaha.

But I understand where you and many people are coming from saying she is Mary-Sueish. I do agree that she has such traits. And the reason why she is too convenient is because, as I explained, the developers did a bad, lazy thing trying to solve all of Path of Radiance's plot holes with a single character: Micaiah. You get this character who's all over the place and just downright unlikable despite how much they try to convince you to. Her personality doesn't even fit a saint, to be honest. (But, keep in mind that Micaiah was not perfect running an army, either.)
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